UC-5000 Digital X-ray for COVID-19 Triage Sites


As the need for mobile and drive-thru health care is exploding due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TI-BA has a solution for your state and local community healthcare providers.


The UC-5000 Digital X-ray System, is a 5kW mobile X-ray system, perfect for wheeling through parking lots and around tented areas to provide high-quality, on-demand X-ray for patients in triage environments. 


Paired with a 14x17 wireless Cesium DR system and Mobile Chest Stand, this solution is durable enough to handle the stress of these high-volumes and versatile enough to overcome the elements where it's needed.

Each UC-5000 system includes a wireless 14x17 Cesium DR system, CyberNet Medical Grade All-in-One antimicrobial touchscreen PC mounted and powered by the portable. The detector is protected by a splash-proof encasement with grid. 


Optional Chest Stand, Mobile Lead Barriers and Tables units are available. 


We currently have inventory for fast deployment.


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