URO-MAX features include:

  • Carbon fiber with integral facial cutout section

  • Leg extension easy to remove and very light weight

  • Diving board style for easy C-arm access

  • Large patient capacity (500-lb pound load)

  • A 2” patient high quality comfort pad

  • Light weight – easy to physically move the table

  • Our 24” wide top eliminates the needs for arm boards

  • Easy patient transfer to table

  • Low height for patient boarding

  • Protective bellows between the base and top

  • Any OR accessory can be rigidly attached to the table top

  • Remove and install OPTIONAL leg extension while fluid catcher is in place

The URO-MAX comes in five different models, each with different movements. 


URO-MAX Series Movements

The URO-MAX Series of imaging tables come in five different models, with all offering varying selections of motorized adjustments:

  • URO-MAX 1 offers Height adjustment but no other adjustments (28″ to 40″).

  • URO-MAX 2 offers both Height and Lateral Tilt adjustments (tilt of +/- 170 ).

  • URO-MAX 3 offers Height (29″ to 41″), Lateral Tilt (+/- 170 ), and Trendelenburg (+/- 200) adjustments.

  • URO-MAX 4 offers Height (30″ to 40″), Lateral Tilt (+/- 170), Trendelenburg (+/- 200), and longitudinal travel (10″, +/- 5″) adjustments.

  • URO-MAX 5 offers Height (32″ to 42″), Lateral Tilt (+/- 170), Trendelenburg (+/- 200), longitudinal travel (10″, +/- 5″), and lateral travel (10″, +/- 5″) adjustments.

For all URO-MAX series imaging tables that come with motorized movements, the system includes a remote control for use when positioning the patient.The height buttons support raising and lowering the table top as shown at right. The Lateral Tilt buttons control the lateral angle of inclination. The Trendelenburg buttons control the angle of inclination of the head end. The longitudinal travel moves the table top in the longitudinal direction as depicted at right. And, finally, Lateral Travel moves the table top in the lateral direction. URO-MAX series imaging tables with motorized movements require 120 VAC power for operation.


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STI URO-Max Urology Procedure Table


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