1. High quality combined high-frequency and high-voltage X-ray generator, greatly reducing the X-ray exposure;

2. It has the function of automatic tracking of perspective kV and Ma, which makes the image brightness and clarity in the best state automatically;

3. The host operation interface of the human graphical LCD touch screen is adopted to make the operation more intelligent and convenient;

4. The design of the hand-held controller makes the operation of the instrument more convenient;

5. The 9-inch three field image intensifier is used, with stable and reliable quality and good image definition; 6. The megapixel ultra-low illumination digital camera is used, with clearer image;

7. Standard workstation and advanced image software processing technology make the image clearer, convenient for doctors' operation and diagnosis, standard DICOM interface and easy to link with hospital information system;

8. New frame design, small and beautiful appearance;

9. Realize the function of digital photographing, make the photographing operation more convenient and the image digital processing more efficient.


PLX116B High Frequency Mobile Digital C-Arm System

  • Product Specification


    1.1 Focus:0.6/1.8

    1.2 Anode capacity:35.5kJ(47kHu)

    1.3 Tube Heat capacity:650kJ(867kHu)

    1.4 Power output:5kW

    1.5 Inverter Frequency:≥40kHz

    1.6Continous Fluoroscopy (Manual/automatic)

    1.6.1 Tube voltage:40kV~120kV

    1.6.2 Tube current:0.3mA~4mA

    1.6.3 Automatic brightness tracking function

    1.7Pulse fluoroscopy

    1.7.1 Tube voltage:40kV~120kV

    1.7.2 Tube current:0.3mA~30mA

    1.8  Radiography mode

    1.8.1 Radiography:40kV~120kV

    1.8.2 Radiography tube current:25mA~100mA

    1.8.3 Radiography mAs:1.0mAs~180mAs

    1.9   Beam limiter: Electric iris + linear symmetrical rotatable

    1.10 Working environment conditions

    1.10.1 Environment temperature :10°C—40°C

    1.10.2 Relative humidity:30%—75%

    1.10.3 Atmospheric pressure:700hpa—1060hpa

    1.11 Operating power condition

    1.11.1 Power supply voltage and phase number: single-phase 220V ± 22V

    1.11.2 Power frequency:50Hz±1Hz

    1.11.3 Internal resistance of power supply: no more than 1 Ω


    2、 Imaging system

    2.1 image intensifier: 9 ″ three field e5764sd-p3, center resolution 4.8lp/mm

    2.2 Ultra low illuminance, megapixel black and white progressive scanning camera pixel matrix description: 1024x1024

    2.3 LCD: 24 inch ordinary LCD, resolution 1920x1200, working frequency: 60Hz

    2.4 image acquisition and processing workstation

    2.4.1 Registration: Registration preservation, medical record query, worklist

    2.4.2 Acquisition: start acquisition, prepare recording, reset, horizontal mirror, vertical mirror, window adjustment, magnifying glass, negative image, edge

    Edge enhancement, recursive noise reduction

    2.4.3 Processing: four windows, nine windows, sharpening, horizontal mirror, vertical mirror, text annotation, length measurement

    2.4.4 Report: save, preview, expert template

    2.4.5 DICOM function: DICOM browsing, network service

    2.5 image definition index

    2.5.1 gray level: ≥ 11

    2.5.2 line pair resolution: ≥ 2.0LP/mm


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