Plx 5200 High-Frequency Digital Radiography X Ray Machine System (DR)

Main features:

1: Dual power supply
One power supply is EXPO-power supply which can be quickly charged and long-time use, it can also support radiography power supply.
The other power supply is Lithium Battery which can supply power while movement and can supply power for very long time.

2: Dual power-generating motor.
It supports motorized movement of forward and backward, left and right. Turn in a drop zero radius, motor- attack defend and protection.

3: Image system
> TRIXELL panel detector, Cesium lodide+ amorphous silicon, enhance image quality highly
> Microwave technology to facilitate precise positioning which helps gain high-definition image
> Super-big touch screen lets you control a wide variety of functions
> Cooperate with the world-class CONTEXTVISION design team to finish the image-process software

4: Software system
Human graphical interface, you can adjust parameters according to human interface, also can set the parameters and save as you need. For example: Tissue equilibrium, W/L adjustment, Gamma correction, interest district, reversed phase, noise reduction, smooth, sharpen, pseudo color, Edge extraction, shadow compensation, filter neuclear, single window, dual-window, four windows, movement, right rotated 90° , left rotated 90° , level mirror image, vertical mirror image, magnifying glass, image zooming, reset, layer information, label character, drawing label, length measurement, angle measurement, rectangular length, rectangular area, elliptic length, elliptic area.

5: Flexible mechanical movement
Support movement left and right, free expansion motorized up and down, the pillar can also turn in any direction.

6: Internet function
Dicom direct transmission,
Dicom Worksite SCU, standard
Dicom, DIR, film printing, mass storage(hard disk, compact disk)




Perlove PLX5200 Portable X-Ray

  • Basic Info.

    Model NO. PLX 5200
    Mas 0.4~360mas
    Tube Current 200 Ma
    Thermal Capacity 1200kj (1200 Khu)
    Grayscale Output 16bit
    Trademark SEEUCO
    Specification CE&ISO Approved
    HS Code 90000000

  • Power Output: 25KW
    Inverter Frequency: 60kHz
    MAs: 0.4~360
    Tube Current: 200 mA
    High-frequency Mobile Digital x-ray radiography System(Mobile DR)
    X-ray Generator: Power Output: 25KW
    Inverter Frequency: 60kHz
    MAs: 0.4~360mAs
    Tube Current: 200 mA
    X-ray Tube: Thermal capacity: 1200kJ (1200 KHU)
    Dual-focus: Small focus: 0.6 mm Large focus: 1.3 mm
    Detector: Cesium iodide+ amorphous silicon
    Grayscale output: 16bit
    Pel matrix: 3k*3k

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