Usage The unit is a high frequency mobile surgical X-ray device, and mainly used in orthopaedics for joint of limbs, reset and joint connection with nail, and used in surgery for taking off the foreign matters from the inside of body, heart vessel duct, plant heart, intervene clinic and photography of part of the body.




1. High frequency high voltage generator assembly

2. Automatically track fluoroscopy to make the image brightness and clearness optimum;

3. Automatically store the last image of fluoroscopy to advantage diagnosis;

4. Extendable electric auxiliary arm, not only save space but also improve the stability of the device. 5. Mechanical movement, image-manipulation, parameter-modulation, pattern-selection can be operated remotely

6. With a compact appearance, and easy to operate; Well-organized structure, ease of maintenance


Pulse Control, Digital Radiographty, Auto Fluoroscopy

  • High Frequency X-ray generator and high precision degital pulse control technology ensure excellent images with low dosage radiation.
  • Maximize image quality with auto trace function for kV and mA
  • Auto controlled collimator satisfies multi-angle and multi-directional anatomical display requirements.
  • High definition CCD Camera
  • On-Board LCD graphical touchscreen interface
  • Hand controller available



Perlove 112B C-Arm


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