LabGard Air offers the very best in personnel, product, and environmental protection through the use of airflow probe to monitor and maintain real time airflow and displays airflow speeds on the OLED interface. The ability to choose up to three (3) different access opening heights allows our customers the option to select a larger access opening to improve technician movement and reach; select a smaller access opening to lower your total cost of ownership; or select somewhere in-between to get the best of both heights.

FlowGard™ Electronic Control System
FlowGard™ ECS offers a user friendly design with rich functionality. Basic cabinet functionality (Motor Blower, Lights, UV Light, Outlet(s), Alarm Silience) is controled through easily identifiable buttons. Cabinet's inflow and downflow air speed is displayed on the FlowGard™ ECS OLED display screen. Airflow performance is monitored and controled via intelliFlow™ - A Digital Pressure Monitor, the same technology used by service professsional who certify your cabinet at minimumn once a year.

nitecare™ Night Setback Mode - Upon sliding the window sash into the closed position, the motor blower will continue to operate at a lower rate to save energy and maintain interior clean air conditions ready for use upon window sash opening.

Ultra High Efficiency Motor
A single ultra-high efficiency ECM motor with a properly sized fan blade minimizes energy usage while extending the life of filters. LabGard® offers the lowest total cost of ownership compared to other models.

HEPEX™ Zero Leak Airflow System
All LabGard® positive pressure plenums are surrounded by a vacuum relative to the room. Meaning in the event of a leak via gasket failure, all contaminated air in the plenum is still forced through HEPA filtration. The HEPEX™ system also works to provide true laminar airflow by evenly distributing plenum air over the supply HEPA filter. The flexible design eliminates any vibration transfer from the motor blower as well as creates a serviceable work environment for Certifiers after decontamination.


The Nuaire LabGard NU-425-300 Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet is designed for laboratory ergonomics, safety and energy efficiency.


Interior Demensions in Inches:

  • ( W X H X D ) 34 2/8 X 28 1/2 X 23 1/2

Interior Demensions in Mm:

  • ( W X H X D ) 873 X 724 X 597

Exterior Demensions in Inches:

  • ( W X H X D ) 41 5/8 X 63 X 32 7/8

Exterior Demensions in Mm:

  • (W X H X D ) 1057 X 1600 X 835


  • Weight- 475 Lbs / 215 Kg.
  • Year of Mgf. 2010
  • Mtr-ac
  • Volts- 115 60
  • Freq- Hz
  • Ph- 1
  • Amps- 10
  • Serial No. 136479032010

Nuaire LabGard NU-425-300 Class II Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet Sterilizer


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