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Economical High Performance

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  • High-Frequency Generator

  •  Lower Dose
    -Virtual collimator
    -Pulse mode
    -Air kerma
    -Laser guild

  • Monoblock Type Tube

  • 1k x1k High-Resolution CCD Camera
    -1,000 cd/m2

  • Three-field 9" Image Intensifier

  • 135 deg wide orbital Rotation With Large SID Distance

  • Easy Archiving And Documentation
    -DICOM 3.0
    -CD/DVD Burner
    -Thermal Printer
    -USB Port

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Economical High Performance

The KMC-650 is a compact and economical C-arm system suitable for various applications in neurosurgery, pain management, orthopedics and emergency rooms. With its 1k CCD camera, the KMC-650 produces excellent high-resolution images and promotes precise diagnosis and safe operation. User-defined Function Keys provide presets for dose management and image calibration per imaging area.  The compact design and wide C-arc save space and increase flexibility while the expanded free space and 155° orbital rotation increase patient access, decrease re-positioning and improve efficiency to assure the highest quality imaging and improved workflows in each clinical application. 


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Comed KMC-650


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