BRAVO AIRTouch Portable X-ray System 
POWERED by LG DXD Acquire Software 



  • Airtouch with Windows 10 & Accessories
    • No PC workstation required: LG DR system acquisition software is pre-loaded before shipping
    • Send images directly fro mAIRTouch to PACS, Email, Printer, etc using built in WI-FI adn bluetooth capability
    • Wireless mouse included for eas of using the on-board-PC
    • Touch screen operation with 2 USB ports
  • Carrying Case
    • Hard-shell, lightweight case with handle for ease ofd transport
    • Foam inserts for all possible product configurations
    • Lock with customizable numeric passcode
  • X-ray tube & X-ray generator enclosed
    • High Frequency, 100kHz Monoblock X-ray generator intergrated into system
    • Model: Toshiba D 081B
    • 0.8mm focal spot
  • Laser Light
    • Lasre light for precise alignment
    • Provides beight red dot on the center of the anatomy
    • Plugs directly into USB port of Airtouch
  • Hand Switch
    • 2 position hand switch with coiled cable
    • Connects directly to AIRTouch


  • TeamViewer pre-loaded for remote diagnostics
  • All charging accessories for the system




  • AIRTouch Portable X-ray with LG 14x17 Wireless DR System
    • ncludes AirTouch handheld X-ray camera with LG 14x17 Wireless Cesium DR system pre-loaded and tested with LG AWS acquire software to DICOM Store/Send images. MSRP $32,000 to end-user.
  • One Year Defect Warranty on AIRTouch Device
    3 Year LG Electronics Manufacturer's Defect Warranty 2 Year TI-BA Dealer Software Support & Upgrades




  •  Medical grade tripod stand for AIRTouch X-ray devic
  • Back Scatter Attachment for AIRTouch X-ray device
  • Additional Year of Warranty for AIRTouch X-ray dev


LG 14x17 Wireless DR System Specs:

•    Direct deposition Cesium for excellent image quality
•    140μm (micron) Pixel Pitch
•    Weight: 6.5lbs
•    High resolution 2500 x 3052 (7.6MP) Pixel Matrix
•    3.5 Line Pair (lp/mm) Image Resolution
•    16-bit Dynamic Range
•    Displays up-to 65,536 shades of gray
•    True 35cm × 43cm (14×17”) active image area
•    Cassette-sized detector fits in conventional trays
•    Best-in-class Automatic Exposure Detection (AED)
•    Integrated status indicator/message center display
•    3-bay Battery Charging Station
•    Two (2) Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries



Bravo AIRTouch Portable X-ray system with DR


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