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Ideal for surgical settings, you can take off the O.R. Flex and stay sterile. Wear the protective apron under your surgical gown, and when you're ready for removal, ask an assistant to pull the tabs on your shoulders.  IT only takes one quick yank and the apron drops to the floor so you can continue you work.  Better yet, this apron incorporates the Vari-Flex's stretch-back design for a snug fit and better weight distribution. 


Apron Protection Options

  • Prestige: a lead-free lightest weight protection material. This item is available in an Ultra version with 0.35mm protection. Ultra is nominally 30 percent lighter than 0.50mm protection.

  • Starlite: lead-=free lightweight protection material ideally suited to individuals conducting long medical procedures. Starlite is also available in an Ultra version. 

  • Truelite was the first introduction to lightweight lead protection materials. Introduced by Bar-Ray more than 10 years ago. Today, Truelite remains the leader in lightweight lead protection. Truelite offers 0.55mm protection and is also available in an Ultra version in 0.35mm protection.

  • Cost Cruncher is the traditional weight lead protective material, used frequently by technicians who do not require extensive intervals of time for apron use.  Cost Cruncher provides 0.55mm of protection and is also available in an Ultra version or 0.35mm protection. 



Bar-Ray O.R. Flex Apron

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